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Jun 25 13 1:39 PM

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Weeeee finally got a +500,000 points run with my new set up!
Killed by a green bat man those fricking things are my mortal enemy.

Has anyone got a score higher than my best of 724,570?

"Wow man. You're the greatest kangaroo blooded ninja I've ever cyber met."
"a lot of strange people playing this game but you're a special one..."
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#3 [url]

Aug 8 15 1:39 PM



Impressive score

I started recently playing the game and bought the punchos multiplcater by 2 and 500k punchos but I still feel like it takes ages to farm punchos.

i usually go for 100k score and only own one ultra hat...
lvl 27, could you give advices please???

best build is?

thanks a lot!

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#4 [url]

Aug 24 15 7:57 PM

New Spartan Mode High Score:



ULTRA HAT - Ki-Blast
ULTRA BELT - Discocut

This mode has several stairs so I choose Discocut to prevent damage for bats, whaiths and explosive zombies.

I'm trying to get a high score in quest mode, but I can´t use properly Flying Turt =( 

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#6 [url]

Aug 27 15 7:16 PM

New Quest Mode High Score



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