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Nov 11 13 1:28 PM

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Thought I'd post this here for pvp enthusiasts. The Amazon App Store's Free App of the Day today is 4 in a 3D Row, a 3D version of Connect Four. It's a fun game with single or multi player games.

For those of you who don't know, the Amazon App Store offers a free paid app every day, and it's available for Kindle and Android. If you're on Android and don't have it, you should get it just for the FAOTD.

Anyway back to the game... While it's good in theory, the multiplayer system seems odd, and I'm not sure how strong the user base is. Either way, worth checking out

SSG2 name: Mr. Sno

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Nov 11 13 1:34 PM

Re: 4 in a 3D Row - Free App of the Day!

Not sure about this game, but for anyone with Android, the Amazon FAOTD is worth checking out. The have had some really good games (and non-gaming apps) for free in the time they've done this. I check almost every day.

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