Nov 23 13 6:47 PM

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I am having issues with Race Mode since three months of gameplay. I have to try many times to start one. Recently I found out that exiting the full game and starting over increases the chance of finding a player. I always select one auto player. Waited hours for two and three. Sometimes the match starts. Good enough. Most of the games don't even load hole 1. Everything but the players loads. I wait and wait and then quit. Sometimes after three or four holes, it doesn't load on the next hole. It's very frustrating.

Another issue is how do I play with a specific friend in race mode? I selected one of my friends and it showed 'invited' but he get nothing on his phone. I told to invite me, he did, but I got nothing. I am on Galaxy S2 and he's using Nexus 7.

Is it a problem on Noodlecake's severs that needs a fix? If so, please forward it to them. Thank you.