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Good news Android users!

Everyplay for Android is out!


[quote]We are proud to announce that Everyplay Replay Sharing is now out and available for Android! Everyplay is the only game replay service in the market capable of supporting Android 4.1 and up, and the most popular Android devices such as Samsung Galaxy SII, SIII, S4, Galaxy note devices, LG Optimus devices, Nexus Devices and many more. With the Android version of Everyplay the Android game developers can easily enable our effective replay sharing, game discovery and user engagement to increase word-of-mouth.

“The common wisdom was that replay sharing would be impossible on Android 4.1, but we made it work. Everyplay lets developers bring replay sharing to over 60% of the global Android market versus only 10% as with competing offerings,” says Jussi Laakkonen, CEO & founder of Applifier.

CPU and GPU intensive games, such as Dead Trigger 2, are fully supported by Everyplay for Android.

“We just launched an update with Everyplay support for Dead Trigger 2 and the fans have really taken to it with over 18,000 replays shared in just a few days,” says Marek Rabas, CEO & Co-founder at MADFINGER Games, a.s. “We’ve been testing Everyplay’s Android version in Dead Trigger 2 and it works great. We’ll be bringing it out to our Android players very soon!”

To date Everyplay has been integrated into 275 iOS games, over 6 million players have joined in the service and over 2.6 million game replays have been shared. In January alone over 600 000 replays were shared, showing a monthly growth of 20%. Everyplay also dramatically improves discoverability to games: e.g. indie game Stair Dismount have up to 7.5% of their daily installs originating from Everyplay.

As always, Everyplay is a free service for developers and users. Everyplay for Android is now available at https://developers.everyplay.com/

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