Oct 25 14 4:27 PM

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I bought a new tablet, to replace my old one, and re-downloaded Zombie Road Trip for my grandson to play.  I previously spent REAL dollars to purchase all of the cars for him and now he doesn't have any.  Rather than make a big deal about it, I figured I'd just buy coins and let him pick and choose which cars to buy AGAIN.  However, I can't figure out how to buy more coins.  If I click on a car, and select to BUY it, it says I don't have enough coins (which I don't) so I click on the purchase coins and it only brings me to the screen where you can buy Halloween cars, etc - no option to buy coins.  If I try to use the icon in the upper right corner, figuring that would bring me to a screen where I could select to buy coins (like Zombie Road Trip Trials does) - nothing happens.  I was able to buy a couple of things (like the Halloween cars) without any issue.  I have a debit card saved and that came up and I was able to use it fine.  There is nothing wrong with my account that I'm attempting to use - I just never even get the option to actually buy the coins.  Can somebody tell me why?  Can you not purchase coins or am I doing someting wrong?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  My grandson (he's 5) LOVES this game and I have to admit I kind of like it too!!  Thanks in advance!